Amsterdam, Netherlands
Heineken Brewery

Amsterdam, Netherlands

December 2022

This place is one of the busiest tourist traps out there.

Firstly, those who take your jackets and backpacks in the cloakroom will be exactly the same people serving your beers at the end of the tour.

Let's talk about the experience itself: If you have made it here, you're either already drunk, on drugs or about to be hit with the most exciting shape of disappointment. The learning experience about the brewing process is so watered-down most of it is focused and themed around the so called "Heineken Effect".

Every single one of the souvenirs for sale is made in the Far East and way overpriced, there's nothing authentic, no "relic" you would like to take home.

The only bit that is worth it (in my opinion) is the room with old copper brewing vessels as pictured here, you can wonder around and inspect the different bits of equipment at your leisure.

To be avoided.