About me.

About me.

My name is Carlos and I am a self-taught hobbyist photographer currently living in Britain.

This website was launched to create an online portfolio showcasing my shots from around the world, and if you've made it all the way here from the homepage, you've guessed it right - travelling is something I am also highly passionate about.

I have owned many types of cameras. I started off with a compact Lumix that I borrowed from my father for an Interrail trip, and over the years, a bunch of Canon and Olympus DSLRs have passed through my hands. I have also dabbled with film photography but none of that work is currently present here.

As an incurable Canon user, I currently own an EOS R6 MII.

What you see on this website is a (growing) curated selection of my work. Most of these pictures have a meaning and a purpose, revisiting them after many years is also a learning and enriching experience.

Would you like to get in touch? Please write me an email.

Thank you for your visit, and stay tuned - there is more in the pipeline!